Complete Grounds Care

BEST Home & Lawn is committed to being the best landscape design and maintenance company for your needs. BHL balances its work schedule between landscaping and lawn care – giving you the convenience of just one source for all your grounds care needs. This balance enables us to concentrate on your complete landscape development and customize our services to make your property look its best. 

BEST Home & Lawn provides all maintenance services including complete grounds care, mowing, fertilizing, trimming, mulching and snow removal. BHL specializes in offering the best commercial and condominium grounds care solutions. We listen to your needs, proactively manage your property and focus on effective communication. We select the right equipment for each task and we offer solutions that specifically fit your needs. 

BHL has the hardest working and the most professional staff that responds quickly to all your service needs. We take the extra step, or two, to make sure you are 100% satisfied.
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Lawn Care: BHL focuses on the details, reliability and customer service. We attempt to cut during the most ideal conditions, pay close attention to trimming all edges, maintaining the right speed with the mowers and use the right equipment for each area. We use Walker mowers with a grass collection system for extra neat or tight areas, and Ferris mowers with 4 wheel suspension that provide a smoother and more even cut. We don’t send a fleet of mowers to hurry through your property, but rather a professional staff dedicated to your total care.
Fertilizer program: A healthy lawn requires the right steps and the right knowledge. We focus on providing a comprehensive solution to make your lawn always look its best. Proper mowing height, sharp blades, the right equipment, proper watering, timing and a customized program can keep the weeds out and your lawn looking great. Many large companies only focus on selling you an extensive fertilizer program, while a more comprehensive approach may be more economical and effective. Your fertilizer program can be customized to focus on feeding the lawn, broadleaf control or troubled areas.

Trimming:  BHL has a passion for nature and design and we take pride in correctly maintaining all shrubbery and nursery items within your landscape. Landscape plant and shrubbery maintenance may include identifying and treating diseases, fertilizing plants that may have difficulty in heavy clay soils, cleaning up and maintaining perennials, and properly pruning plants. We focus on selectively pruning many shrubs to keep their natural form, while the competition often shears everything into the same globe shape. We focus on making your property look its best today and for years to come.
Mulching and Edging: BEST Home & Lawn is committed to being the best landscape design and maintenance company. Keeping the right line makes all the difference, and we focus on proper bed construction and maintenance. Proper bed construction can save money, eliminate water hazards and minimize erosion. The right selection of mulching materials can enhance your landscapes appearance, preserve moisture, keep out weeds and provide organic material for plants.

Weed Control (bed maintenance): Attention to detail is the key to maintaining a neat property. BHL can provide pre-emergent or post-emergent solutions for your landscape bed maintenance. Proper product selection and timing are critical in maintaining your landscape or pond appearance.

Snow Removal: BHL has a trained and dedicated staff that will be there to remove snow and ice as needed. We have the right tools and the team to open up roadways, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. We offer a variety of responsive and dedicated solutions to keep your property safe, while consciously monitoring your overall expenses. We have salting capabilities and we offer you the ability to customize a solution that works for you.

Extra Services: We balance our work schedule between landscaping and lawn care – giving you the convenience of just one source for all your grounds care needs. There may be other services throughout the season that we can provide. Such services may include lawn core aeration, lawn rolling, overseeding, adding trees and landscaping, fertilizing shrubs and lawn trees, maintaining overall pond health and appearance or maybe removing shrubs as needed. 

We look forward to making your property always look its best.